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The Full Moon call us out

into the night

To dance and sing and play

Under Her pale light

Blessed Be_opt


So, come out, come out

Where ever you are

And draw the glowing Moon down

From afar


Welcome to Seasons of Luna Wiccan Full Moon Circle for women!


We have been gathering in the Greenwood neighborhood of North Seattle since June, 2010.  Ours is an open circle and we love meeting new people.  We also hope that you'll continue to come back and soon become old friends.


A little bit about what we do:  We create Sacred Space according ot Wiccan traditions and invite you to participate in the different aspects to the extent that you are comfortable.  Don't feel confident calling a Quarter on the fly?  That's ok.  We'll have cheat sheets for all the parts and you can pick whichever one you would like to do.  Remember, Wicca is not a spectator sport!  You don't have to jump in with both feet the first time but participation is important to raising energy.


For more information about us and our rituals, click here for a PDF of Circle Etiquette:


To assure privacy and safety for everyone, we don't permit entry after the Ritual begins.  We also go over the Ritual before we begin to familiarize everyone with any songs we'll be singing, assign parts, and to let everyone know what to expect so we encourage you to arrive early.  The doors open at 7PM and we begin the Ritual at 7:30PM


Each Full Moon has a focus based on the time of year, the name of the moon, which Zodiac sign the moon is in, or where on the Wheel of the Year it falls and which Sabbat it's closest to.  You can sign up for the newsletter that goes out each month telling you what the focus will be, some Full Moon lore, and any special preparations you may need to do beforehand and what you may need to bring.  I would encourage you to sign up and you do that by clicking here.  There is also always a giveaway (physical item) that relates to the theme and that we imbue with the energy of the Ritual so that you can take a piece of the energy home with you.  It's important to let us know if you're coming so that there are enough giveaways for everyone.


We use candles on the altar and may use incense, smudge, or scented oils as part of the ritual.  Please keep this in mind if you have any sensitivities.


We always socialize after the Ritual and ask that everyone bring a snack item to share.  This is a perfect time to get to know each other better and, if you're new to The Craft, ask questions.  We hope you'll be able to stay after the Ritual and join us.


Still not sure?  Then email us at with your questions.


We do ask for a donation to cover the cost of supplies and suggest $5.  No one is turned away for lack of funds.  Click here to let us know that you're coming.


We hope you'll join us!  Blessed Be!

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