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We gather at 7:00PM* to go over the Ritual and begin the Ritual at 7:30.  There is no entry after we have begun the Ritual.

Email to let us know you're coming.


Sunday, January 8 ~ Wolf Moon

Saturday, February 11 ~ Quickening Moon

Saturday, March 11 ~ Storm Moon

Thursday, April 13 ~ Seed Moon

Saturday, May 13* ~ Flower Moon

Thursday, June 8 ~ Mead Moon

Saturday, July 8 ~ Blessing Moon

Tuesday, August 8 ~ Corn Moon

Friday, September 8 ~ Harvest Moon

Friday, October 6 ~ Blood Moon

Friday, November 3 ~ Mourning Moon

Sunday, December 3 ~ Long Nights Moon


Dates are subject to change.  Sign up for the e-newsletter (click here) and stay notified of any changes as well as any special preparations for each Ritual.


*These days may have a late start due to another event before ours.  We may be still setting up at 7PM but feel free to come in and help out.


Photo by Heidi Gainer

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